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Show #187 - World Domination

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In this week's marathon show the guys talk about an ehancement request for ColdFusion that is a must have.  They also talk about some things in ColdFusion you shouldn't use.  Scott talk about how he is  just a few steps closer to world domination and how FusionReactor save his rear.  Dave talks about his latest adventures with ORM and how Scott was probably right. 


Show #58 - Monitoring, Debugging, and Guests

MAX 2010 , Monitoring , Debugging , ColdFusion Builder , Adobe 2 Comments »

Strap in kids this is a long one!  In today's show I welcome Charlie Arehart as my guest host as Mike is on vacation.  We talk for a while, a long while, about a wide range of subjects.  We discuss sessions posted for MAX2010.  We briefly discuss iOS4 release and our brief experience with it.  Charlie talks about his experiences with the AT&T Micro-cell.  We talk about the release of Flash 10.1 and what that means for you all.  We chat about Charlie's blog post on a hidden gem with CFBuilder startup.  We then get to the meet of the show and talk about Monitoring and debugging of your ColdFusion applications.  We specifically talk about FusionReactor, SeeFusion, ColdFusion Monitor, and a new product called Fusion Analytics.  We also talk about FusionDebug and the CFBuilder debugger.  We then bring it all home with some talk of CFUnited and golf.  Yes, golf.  Just listen and you will hear it all wrapped up in a book about golf.


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