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Show #101 - cf.Objective Recap, Developer Week, Mobjectify

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In this show we recap Dave's experience at cf.Objective().  Dave talks about the sessions he attended as well as how his talks went. We also talk about the 100th show recording and how that went.  We then talk about the upcoming Adobe Developer Week that is coming June 20th - 24th.

After all that we talk about a new site called mobjectify.com.  This site allows you to build mobile sites using jQuery Mobile right in your browser.     This has to be one of the coolest things I have seen in a while.


Show #90 - HTML5, Mobile, and CFML

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In today's show we talk about some HTML 5 stuff.  We also talk about the Motorola Xoom and how it won't ship with Flash.  Dave goes off a little bit about some CFML stuff.  We also talk about Dave's continuing adventures with jQuery Mobile.  Those are just the highlights; listen to the show for more.  We also welcome the beard and its current struggle to become a sentient being.


Show #88 - Updates and Releases

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In today's show we talk a bunch of updates and releases that have come out recently.  We talk about the releases from jQuery including jQuery mobile. We also talk about the release of Railo 3.2 and Mura 5.4.  Dave also talks about what is coming up for the next few months of the show.


Show #78 - Storm, Certification, Extensions, and Mobile

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In today's show we discuss the new goodness that is Storm (ColdFusion Builder 2) that was shown at MAX.  We also discuss the ColdFusion 9 certification exam and its lovelyness.  We discuss the new ModelGlue extension for Firebug and how useful it will be.  We also mention Kev McCabe's article on setting up your development environment on windows.  Dave also discuss his current exploits into jQuery Mobile.

Also, don't forget to fill out the survey for cfObjective's call for topics.  Make sure your voice is heard.


Show #74 - OOP, Migration, Training

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In today's show we discuss a wide variety of subjects.  We begin by trying to comfort Dave as he talks about his now dead PS3.  We then move on to talking about the book,  "Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion", from Matt Gifford.  We then discuss the latest release of BlogCFC, and the iPhone packager.  Later we discuss server migrations and the fun in all that.


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