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Show #70 - Mobile, Syndication, Legacy Upgrades

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In today's show we touch on a few topics.  We talk about the mobile version of BlogCFC that Dave created.  We also jump in the way back machine and talk about our first experiences at MAX.  We then talk about thought processes and experiences in upgrading legacy applications.

We also talk about the news that our show is now being re-aired on monkehRadio.  An internet radio station ran by Matt Gifford.

We also announce the opening of our online store.  Also, be one of the first 5 people to buy a shirt . Then, send us a picture of you wearing it we will send you something special.


Show #69 - Apple, MAX2010, Camden

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In todays show we talk about change Apple has made in their licensing for the creation of iOS applications.  We then sit down and have a chat with Ray Camden.  We first talk about the upcoming Adobe MAX Coldfusion un-Conference.  We then talk about other subjects and projects that Ray is working on. 


Show #68 - MAX2010, Skill Levels, Development

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In todays show we talk about a few topics.  We first discuss our latest recording wows and our work to correct them.  We then talk about Dave's latest work integrating AIR, jQuery, BlaseDS and LiveCycle.  After that we respond to an email from a listener on what makes someone an intermediate vs advanced developer.  We end talking about Adobe MAX 2010 and that Dave will be presenting at the ColdFusion Unconference.


Show #67 - MAX2010, Developement, and Production Fail

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We start by talking about MAX and some of our experiences last year as well as the ColdFusion Unconference.  We discuss future technologies at our employ.  We talk about the HTML 5 and brower function detection.  At one point Dave pushes some buttons and pauses the recording.  We take a little trip down the road that is jQuery and Air.  We also discuss a twitter message about show #66 and frameworks.


Show #59 - Updates and Upheaval

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In today's show we welcome back Mike from vacation.   Mike actually comes prepared to the show today and we have lots to talk about.  We discuss the release of some new software;  Flash Builder 4.01 and CFTracker 2.0 beta.  We also discuss an article on Rapid Prototyping and our favorite tool Balsamiq.   We also give some thoughts on the MAX2010 Scheduler and the new Tour De CF air application.  Then the show takes an evil turn.


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