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Show #60 - The Bogus Journey

Mango , AIR , Flex 1 Comment »

In today's show the technology gods were trying to smite us.  We had more technical issues trying to record this than ever.  But, we managed to push through and get it done.  We start off by discussing a comment from last weeks show.  We then Talk about Dave's Mango Blog plugin and his current Mango blog based project.  We also talk about a new project we discovered that allows for amf in a pure javascript form.  We also talk about Dave's current issues with Flash Builder and some difficulties he is having with it.


Show #36 Interview w/ Adam Lehman about CFML Advisory Committee

Mango , Architecture , ColdFusion , Interview , Mura 4 Comments »

In this show, the first show of 2010, we talk with Adam Lehman from Adobe about the CFML Advisory Committee.  We get his perspective about the committee and what we have to look forward to.    We also respond to some comments about last weeks show.  Dave talks about the Mango Blog log file issue and his thoughts on that.


Show #34 - Our move to Mango

Mango , ColdFusion , Railo 3 Comments »

In this show we talk about our contest. Mike makes a joke that only some of you will get. Dave is again, a terrible spy. We discuss our move to Mango Blog for the site and all the fun involved in that. We talk about the decision process and why we eventually went with Mango Blog. We also give CFWheels some much needed attention.


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