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Show #120 - ColdSpring with Mark Mandel

ColdFusion , Listener Q/A , Frameworks , cf.Objective , cf.Objective(ANZ) 5 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott are joined by Mark Mandel to discuss the latest release of ColdSpring 2 Alpha 1, touching on AOP, dependency injection and "drinking the Kool-Aid".

They also cover Google's announcement about it's new programming language "Dart" and try to decide on it's effectiveness, usefulness and eligibility within current web development. As a precursor to a forthcoming show, they also take a preliminary look at Ryan Anklam's ColdFusion Koans project, and remind listeners to vote for and submit session topics for cf.Objective() 2012.

Listener questions (however obscure) are also answered in the "Ask CFHour" segment of the show.


Show #113 - Huge News, Knowledge, Answers

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In today's show Scott is on vacation. So, buckle you seat belts kids.  We then talk about GoDaddy's decision to drop support for ColdFusion.  We then discuss what server OS you should use.  We then talk about BFlex/BFusion being canceled this year.  We then talk about abstraction and sharing domain knowledge with  others and documentation.  We then answer more user questions from twitter.


Show #111 - Developer Week and training

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In today's show Scott first talks to us about how and why you should listen to your own advice.  We then discuss the newly announced Adobe Developer Week.  We then take about some advice from Jason Dean on how to get non-ColdFusion developers up to speed.  Dave then talks about a blog post of his on how a developer made an easy thing hard.  We then answer questions from the people.


Show #82 - Community, Myths, and Projects

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In today's action packed show we talk about a few things.  We first talk about the community work that is being done by Dave (Mister Dai).  He is currently working on picking up where Brian Rinaldi left off.  We then talk about the new blog series from Charlie Arehart on ColdFusion myths.   Dave then gives his thoughts on the GooleTV that he has been playing with.  Then there is a discussion about a couple things from a lister email.  We then cap it off by introducing our new segment "Open-source Project of the Week".


Show #31 - The Short Show

Shows , ColdFusion , Listener Q/A , Railo 2 Comments »

In this show we talk about a bunch of stuff in a short amount of time. Mike gets distracted by little shiny things. We talk a little bit about ColdFusion thread termination. Mike is starting to delve into unit testing tools like MXUnit and CFUnit. We briefly talk about hackmycf.com. We also respond to listener comments. Don't for get to listen to find out about the contest for some FREE Railo schwag!


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