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Show #125 - HAML, Clouds and Backups

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In this show Dave and Scott talk about HAML, the HTML Abstraction Markup Language and discuss it's usefulness and requirements. Dave also has some impressive things to say about a Cloud computing demonstration recently shown at the LA ColdFusion User Group. Finally, they discuss the importance of ensuring you have backed up all of your data and database entries so that you don't pull 'a Bob'.


Show #123 - ColdFusion Koans with Ryan Anklam

ColdFusion , Testing , jQuery 2 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott are joined by Ryan Anklam to discuss his open source ColdFusion Koans project, which gives developers the ability to learn ColdFusion through unit tests. They also discuss Scott drinking the gitHub Kool Aid, the release of the jQuery Mobile V1 framework and the mobile themeroller, and the pain of implementing OAuth and a possible issue with CFHTTP.

Listener questions (however obscure) are also answered in the "Ask CFHour" segment of the show.


Show #109 - Recap, Fix This, and Ignorance

AIR , Shows , Adobe , jQuery No Comments »

In this show we talk about Scott's adventures at RIACon.  We also talk about the latest software releases of Air 3 beta and jQuery Mobile Beta 2.  We also talk in depth about a blog post from Nic Tunney about things that should be changed in the next version of ColdFusion.  We also talk about the ignorance of people that make the comment of "ColdFusion still exists?".


Show #88 - Updates and Releases

Mobile , Railo , Mura , cf.Objective , jQuery No Comments »

In today's show we talk a bunch of updates and releases that have come out recently.  We talk about the releases from jQuery including jQuery mobile. We also talk about the release of Railo 3.2 and Mura 5.4.  Dave also talks about what is coming up for the next few months of the show.


Show #84 - LACFUG Recap, jQuery, and Interfaces

Shows , LACFUG , jQuery 2 Comments »

In today's show we talk about the latest Los Angeles user group meeting that Dave attended. We then talk a lot about jQuery, interfaces and other aspects of development. We also talk about the impact of what you develop on the end user.


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