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Show #171 - Access Still Sucks

Google , ColdFusion , jQuery 3 Comments »

In this week's show, Dave and Scott discuss the latest jQuery Mobile release, how to speed up your ColdFusion 10 start processes and how to get run over if you wear Google Glass.


Show #168 - Pong, Plugins and Perseverance

ColdFusion , jQuery No Comments »

In this week's show, Dave and Scott discuss the jQuery Plugin Registry, the upcoming Scotch on the Rocks conference, outsourcing your work, the Adobe ColdFusion summit and much more. Grab your JuJuBes and let's get cracking!


Show #161 - Questions and falling from space

ColdFusion 10 , jQuery 33 Comments »

In this show, Dave and Scott talk about Stackoverflow and more odd rules on what a question really is.  They also discuss the latest release of JQuery UI and if it has fallen behind the times..  They also recap a conversation on Twitter about innovation.   They also comment in some comments from previous shows.   Also discuss the epic awesomeness that is Felix Baumgartner and his skydive from the edge of space.


Show #142 - Instagram, Sublime and Prizes

IDE , Listener Q/A , Contest , jQuery 2 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss Facebooks' purchase of Instagram, the latest release (yes, another one) of jQuery Mobile and Scott's Sublime experiences. They also announce the winner of the FusionDebug competition.

Another listener question is also answered in "Ask CFHour", and we introduce a new segment, "How Would You?". It's pure gold.


Show #132 - Updates, Updaters and Analytics

ColdFusion , Listener Q/A , jQuery 1 Comment »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the PIPA and SOPA bill updates, Scott goes back to try the Unofficial ColdFusion Updater again, and jQuery mobile receives an update for device support amongst other things. Matt also interviews David Stockton from Intergral about Fusion Analytics and tools to keep watch over your servers.

A listener's question is also answered in the Ask CFHour section of the show.


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