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Show #150 - Births, Birthdays and Brackets

IDE , Announcements , Conferences 1 Comment »

Welcome to the 150th episode of CFHour! Can you say 'sesquicentennial'? Scott can... kind of.

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the latest news and first impressions on the release of Brackets, the new code editor from Adobe. They also chat about more issues with Stack Overflow and what to do when a code editor is just a code editor.


Show #142 - Instagram, Sublime and Prizes

IDE , Listener Q/A , Contest , jQuery 2 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss Facebooks' purchase of Instagram, the latest release (yes, another one) of jQuery Mobile and Scott's Sublime experiences. They also announce the winner of the FusionDebug competition.

Another listener question is also answered in "Ask CFHour", and we introduce a new segment, "How Would You?". It's pure gold.


Show #134 - Sublime, Divas and Deployment

IDE , Conferences 7 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss Scott's exploration into using Sublime Text 2 for code editing, what is fair compensation for speakers at conferences, Scott's issues with reserved words in an ORM application and the resolution of his MXUnit issues. Good times.


Show #86 - Aptana, Extensions, HTML5

HTML5 , IDE , ColdFusion Builder 3 Comments »

In today's show we welcome back Mr. Becker.  He was absent last week and he is now back.  We talk about last weeks show a little.  We then talk about HTML 5 and their new logo.  We talk about Aptana and how they were acquired by Appcelerator.  We also give our thoughts on the iPhone coming to Verizon.  Dave also talks about the ColdFusion Builder Extension he created called, ImageViewer.


Show #32 - This and That

IDE , ColdFusion 9 , Railo 11 Comments »

In this show we talk Hall Helms's decision to leave CF and move to RoR. Dave talks about his feelings about using different database techniques. Mike gets distracted by little shiny things. We talk a little about ColdFusion Builder and our experience so far with ColdFusion 9. The winner(s) are announced for our Railo schwag give away. We also give the details on how to enter the contest to get the can't buy ColdFusion 9 item.


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