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Show #160 - On The Edge

HTML5 , ColdFusion , Adobe 11 Comments »

In this show, Dave and Scott discuss the ColdFusion 10 mandatory update, excellent customer service, one developer's move from ColdFusion to node.js and Adobe's recent Create The Web tour and release of all things 'Edge'.

The winner of the Fusion Reactor #naughtybits competition is also announced.


Show #86 - Aptana, Extensions, HTML5

HTML5 , IDE , ColdFusion Builder 3 Comments »

In today's show we welcome back Mr. Becker.  He was absent last week and he is now back.  We talk about last weeks show a little.  We then talk about HTML 5 and their new logo.  We talk about Aptana and how they were acquired by Appcelerator.  We also give our thoughts on the iPhone coming to Verizon.  Dave also talks about the ColdFusion Builder Extension he created called, ImageViewer.


Show #67 - MAX2010, Developement, and Production Fail

HTML5 , AIR , MAX 2010 , jQuery No Comments »

We start by talking about MAX and some of our experiences last year as well as the ColdFusion Unconference.  We discuss future technologies at our employ.  We talk about the HTML 5 and brower function detection.  At one point Dave pushes some buttons and pauses the recording.  We take a little trip down the road that is jQuery and Air.  We also discuss a twitter message about show #66 and frameworks.


Show #50 - New Gear, Base64, SVN, and more HTML5 / Flash stuff

HTML5 , Flash 5 Comments »

In this show we switch to our new gear for recording.  Dave's mic is a little overzelious and picks up almost everyting. Mike offends an entire state, way more than Dave ever did.  Dave talks about his Base64 image processor.  We also discuss more about the CFHour iPhone website.  We then take this deep dive into the post by Steve Jobs and his feelings on Flash.


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