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Show #233: Aussie Invasion, Google Cloud, Hoverboards and Other Stuff

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This week Dave and Scott spend time speaking with old friend Mark Mandel, new Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. Mark gives an overview of the services offered by the Google Cloud Platform and how developers may find it useful. 

The guys also discuss hoverboards, the pre-release of the next Adobe ColdFusion version, and the upcoming CF Summit.  To wrap things up they dive into more of the "Stupidity Overflow" files!


Show #191 - Squeezing Them In

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In this show Dave and Scott discuss fighting nerds, some updates to the CF Summit schedule and give some long overdue love to Mr Ben Nadel.


Show Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/cfhour/Show_191_-_Squeezing_Them_In.mp3




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Show Topic Links:


Session interest at CFSummit

Siri and Glass start fighting

Google Chromecast drops support for local content...or did they?

Looping over Java arrays in CF 10


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Show #171 - Access Still Sucks

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In this week's show, Dave and Scott discuss the latest jQuery Mobile release, how to speed up your ColdFusion 10 start processes and how to get run over if you wear Google Glass.


Show #103 - Security, Google+, jQuery Mobile

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In this show we discuss our recent fun with Google+. We also talk about jQuery Mobile and the release of Beta 1.  We also take about Ray Camden's new gig as an Adobe Evangelist.  We discuss the initiative to improve the ColdFusion documentation.  We also talk a little security.  We discuss how bad design can lead to bad application security and how to protect yourself as a developer.


Show #53 - Hyrule w/ Dan Vega, Google, and other stuff

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In today's show we talk about the Google I/O keynotes.  We chime in and give our thoughts on things that came out of it.  We talk about our continuing work with FuseGuard.  Dave talks about how he saved our mobile app and how he now hates iTunes.

We also sit down with Dan Vega and discuss Hyrule. Hyrule is a validation framework for ColdFusion.  It was a great discussion and in talking with Dan we found out some very interesting information.  Dan is also presenting at CFunited later this year on validation.  So, if you are going check it out.

We also mention that we are looking for potential sponsors.  So, if interested, contact us.

We are aware of a slight echo in the show.  This is all because of Dave's mic.  We will correct this for the next show.


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