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Show #149 - Sublime, Gists and Dinner

Git , ColdFusion 1 Comment »

In this week's show Scott tries (again) with the unofficial ColdFusion updater and has more joy with Sublime Text 2. It's all about perseverance, people.

Our hosts also discuss Git, Gists and what code you should publish publicly. Dave may be 'on a promise', if only he can rustle up dinner in time... dare we find out?


Show #118 - Git with Tim Cunningham

Git , Interview 7 Comments »

In this show we talk with Tim Cunningham about Git.  We then continue and talk about Github and how it fits into the mix.  We then go on to talking about hiring remote developers. Not only hiring but dealing with the management of a remote development staff.  We also discuss scrum meetings and Agile development.


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