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Show #188 - Dropping A Bomb

Apple , ColdFusion , Frameworks 6 Comments »

In this week's show Dave and Scott discuss Apple's next big event and the possible problem with ColdFusion frameworks and the need for an official CF framework. Dave also has a problem obtaining wood. Yup. Time to tune in to another CFHour podcast.


Show Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/cfhour/Show_188_-_Dropping_A_Bomb.mp3




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Apple iPhone Event

Most overpriced gadgets


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Show #162 - News, Reviews and Familiarity

ColdFusion , Frameworks 13 Comments »

In this week's show, Dave and Scott discuss the release of FW/1 2.1 Alpha 1, Matt "the awesome producer"'s new PhoneGap book, the new weekly CFML newsletter and much much more. It's what your ears were made for.


Show #139 - Just Keep Learning

ColdFusion , Frameworks , Conferences 8 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss more common public misconceptions about ColdFusion and the overall point that it's vitally important to just keep learning.


Show #133 - Touchdowns, Fusebox and Bootstrap

ColdFusion , Frameworks 8 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the re-release of the Fusebox framework, Web Sockets in ColdFusion Zeus, PhoneGap 1.4 and Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.

Scott also understands why some people may shy away from writing unit tests for application development, but he doesn't let it get him down too much as he's rather happy for some reason. We're not sure why.. he's normally so quiet and reserved...


Show #129 - Frameworks, Open Source and Validation

ColdFusion , Frameworks , cf.Objective 9 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the benefits of using a framework, with particular emphasis on the FW/1 project. They also talk about recent discussions regarding open source software, the jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller, cf.Objective() 2012 and the release of ValidateThis 1.1.


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