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Show #57 - Melting and FuseGuard

Security , Flex 3 Comments »

On today's show we discuss our ongoing experiences with FuseGuard.  We talk a little about security and other things.  Mike talks about how he is melting while on vacation in Florida.  Dave talks more about is fun with flex and some of the things he is learning while building.


Show #56 - iPhone, Flex, IE6, CFBuilder

Apple , Browsers , Flex , ColdFusion Builder No Comments »

In today's show we discuss some beginner info on getting started with ColdFusion Builder.  We make a plea for people to stop using IE6 and use anything else, even notepad.  We discuss a blog post from Ray Camden about Google's new api for storage and how it works just like Amazon S3.  Then Mike shows no live for Microsoft.  Dave talks more about the event tracking Flex app he is working on.  We then talk about the new iPhone 4 and its goodness. 


Show #52 - XML, Security, Flex, and Failure

Security , Flex , ColdFusion Builder , XML 5 Comments »

In this show we discuss the ins and outs of using XML as data type for SQL server. We talk about how are lives can be reconstructed off the internet.  We talk a little about the validation framework Hyrule.  We will be discussing this more in detail next week when we bring Dan Vega on the show.    Dave talks about the security patch released for ColdFusion and how it broke some ColdFusion installations.   Then the topic of Flex comes up and we talk about weather or not to Flex.  Then we talk about our, currently, limited experiences with FuseGuard.  Dave then talks about his failed computer and the loss of a project due to a dead hard drive.  Dave also makes a failed attempt at a StarTrek reference.


Show #51 - Build, Buy, Rent, Modify

ColdFusion , Flex , ColdFusion Builder No Comments »

In this show we talk about the decisions that go into the software developnent process of build, buy, rent, or modify.   We also discuss the validation framework from Dan Vega called Hyrule.  We hope to get Dan on the show and talk about it further.  Dave talks about his submission for the ColdFusion Builder contest.  We also discuss Dave's obsession with Call of Duty and Mike's other podcast www.sweepthelegshow.com.


Show #37 - More talk about stuff

AIR , ColdFusion , Frameworks , Mura , Flex 6 Comments »

In this show we talk about.. well.. a bunch of stuff, Flash Builder 4, ColdFusio Builder, JQuery 1.4, FW/1 Framework.  This show as all over the map so I seriously have nothing of value to put in the description.  We also announce the winner of our contest and what the actual prize is.


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