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Show #124 - Normalization, Conventions, and Troubleshooting

Debugging , ColdFusion , Flex , Testing 9 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott talk about doing or not doing data normalization.  They also talk about their preferences in naming conventions for database columns and such.  Scott talks about a complicated issue he had that debugging an issue and some tips for those that find themselves in the same situation.  The also talk about the work done by Adam Tuttle and the cfscript additions on github.  They also talk about the release of Flex SDK 4,.6 and the appearance of PhoneGap, now called Callback , on the Apache Incubator site. Scott also discusses his quest to be less of a person.


Show #122 - Flex and the future of ColdFusion with Josh Adams

ColdFusion , Flex 5 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott are joined by Josh Adams, ColdFusion Senior Solutions Consultant for Adobe, and discuss the latest announcements from Adobe regarding the future of Flex and what it means for developers and users. Josh also discusses the future plans for ColdFusion.

Listener questions (however obscure) are also answered in the "Ask CFHour" segment of the show.


Show #110 - Mobile, Memory, and Frameworks

Mobile , Frameworks , Flex 4 Comments »

In today's show we start off by discussing Dave's dive into mobile with Dreamweaver CS5.5 and Flex.  We then discuss Scott's theory of finite memory.  We then talk about when you would either use built in parts of ColdFusion or go and purchase a 3rd party tool.   Then we go into frame works.  We talk about how frameworks do and don't make you better.    After all that we answer a listener question and talk about NCDevcon and the book reviews we will be doing.


Show #60 - The Bogus Journey

Mango , AIR , Flex 1 Comment »

In today's show the technology gods were trying to smite us.  We had more technical issues trying to record this than ever.  But, we managed to push through and get it done.  We start off by discussing a comment from last weeks show.  We then Talk about Dave's Mango Blog plugin and his current Mango blog based project.  We also talk about a new project we discovered that allows for amf in a pure javascript form.  We also talk about Dave's current issues with Flash Builder and some difficulties he is having with it.


Show #59 - Updates and Upheaval

MAX 2010 , CFUnited , Flex 2 Comments »

In today's show we welcome back Mike from vacation.   Mike actually comes prepared to the show today and we have lots to talk about.  We discuss the release of some new software;  Flash Builder 4.01 and CFTracker 2.0 beta.  We also discuss an article on Rapid Prototyping and our favorite tool Balsamiq.   We also give some thoughts on the MAX2010 Scheduler and the new Tour De CF air application.  Then the show takes an evil turn.


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