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Show #186 - G.I Joe & 2 blind guys

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In this week's show Dave and Scott talk about how to fight pattent trolls.  They go off the rails a bit and talk about a windup car.  They also give a little advice aobut something they know a lot about and something they pretend to know.


Show #66 - Security, Development, and Design

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In today's show we discuss a few topics.  We first talk about Mikes adventure using the onion router on his iPad.  We then discuss the recent security update for ColdFusion and discuss if it is critical or important.  We also talk about a blog post from Ray Camden on how you should stop using Flash Forms in ColdFusion.  Dave talks about how he recently got back into Air development using jQuery.  We have a discussion on CFM and CFC files and where to put your layouts (HTML).  We talk about how designers and developers make a good couple.  We also talk about tasking projects and developing with milestones.


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