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Show #225: Stupidity Overflow!

Stack Overflow , Contest , cf.Objective , Adobe , Announcements , ColdFusion 11 4 Comments »

This week, Scott is back fresh from Walt Disney World and ready to opine! Scott has a bunch of corrections from last week's show he wants to discuss with Dave.  The two also talk about the next version of Mircosoft's .Net being open sourced and what implications that may and should have for Adobe CF. They mention Adobe releasing a chart showing which versions of the Java JDK each version of CF supports, and talk about how CF Updater 3 has been updated.  And they close off with their favorite segment "Stupidity Overflow"!


Show #223: CF Framed and Dave Free in Vegas

CF Summit , ColdFusion , ColdFusion 9 , Contest , ColdFusion 10 , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 2 Comments »

On this episode, Dave recounts the happenings at CF Summit in Vegas, including his presentation on CF Client with Simon Free.  They also cover the contest Adobe is currently having for the best new mobile app created with CF Client, discuss the recent spate of updates to Adobe CF, and whether or not Adobe should pick a framework to ship with.


Show #163 - Caring After Sandy

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In this week's show, Dave, Scott and Matt discuss the latest industry news, the release of several open source projects, including jQuery Mobile download builder and ColdBox 3.5.3, and a new giveaway is announced. Show you care. #CFHourCares.


Show #142 - Instagram, Sublime and Prizes

IDE , Listener Q/A , Contest , jQuery 2 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss Facebooks' purchase of Instagram, the latest release (yes, another one) of jQuery Mobile and Scott's Sublime experiences. They also announce the winner of the FusionDebug competition.

Another listener question is also answered in "Ask CFHour", and we introduce a new segment, "How Would You?". It's pure gold.


Show #45 - Performance, Sponsors, FREE Stuff

Shows , ColdFusion 9 , Contest , Tuning 4 Comments »

In this show we discuss Mike's inability to wake up. We talk about the umcomming ColdFusion Builder tour. We talk performance tuning and coding.  We also dicuss the new cfmldocs.com and Dave's dislike for the interface. 

Listen to the show and find out how you can enter to win a FREE license for ColdFusion 9 Standard


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