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Show #159 - cfObjective ANZ with Mark Mandel

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In this week's show, Dave and Scott are joined by everyone's favourite Antipodean time-traveller, Mark Mandel, to discuss cf.Objective ANZ.

The Mars rover, crashing servers and file transfers are also under scrutiny. It's just another day at CFHour.


Show #120 - ColdSpring with Mark Mandel

ColdFusion , Listener Q/A , Frameworks , cf.Objective , cf.Objective(ANZ) 5 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott are joined by Mark Mandel to discuss the latest release of ColdSpring 2 Alpha 1, touching on AOP, dependency injection and "drinking the Kool-Aid".

They also cover Google's announcement about it's new programming language "Dart" and try to decide on it's effectiveness, usefulness and eligibility within current web development. As a precursor to a forthcoming show, they also take a preliminary look at Ryan Anklam's ColdFusion Koans project, and remind listeners to vote for and submit session topics for cf.Objective() 2012.

Listener questions (however obscure) are also answered in the "Ask CFHour" segment of the show.


Show #72 - Interview w/ Mark Mandel

MAX 2010 , Interview , cf.Objective(ANZ) No Comments »

In todays show we talk with Mark Mandel.  We talk about a bunch of things that Mark is involved in.  We talk about how he got involved in ORM and how Transfer becaue a product.  We also talk about the Pre-MAX ORM  training he will be doing w/ Bob Silverberg.  We also talk about ColdSpring 2 and what you can expect fro it.  We also talk about cf.Objective(ANZ). coming 11/18-19 in Melbourne, Australia.  We talk about a bunch of other stuff as well; including what happened when Dave and Mike met Mark for the first time last year.


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