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Show #239: The one about cf.Objective()

cf.Objective 5 Comments »

This week Dave and Scott tall all about cf.Objective().  With special guests, Adam Tuttle and Carol Hamilton they get into all the goings on with everything about the conference.


dev.Objective() 2015 Interview Episode 4: Wood & Majano

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This episode is the fourth in a series of episodes featuring interviews with community members who will be speaking at the upcoming dev.Objective() conference.  This episode features interviews from Brad Wood and Luis Majano.

Show Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/cfhour/devobjective2015_interview_episode_4.mp3





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Show #227: Vivaldi, Confessions, Conferences and More

DevObjective() , Browsers , Railo , Frameworks , cf.Objective , Adobe , Announcements , ColdFusion 11 5 Comments »

This week Dave and Scott give the run down on the update no one wanted and talk about news surround DevObjective(). Dave talks about trying out the new browser Vivaldi. While discussing the recent allegations that a particular CF community member has been plagiarizing code samples and items from other members' blogs, they receive a response from the accused individual.  Don't worry, Scott is his usual reserved self....which means...this episode is a must listen!


Show #225: Stupidity Overflow!

Stack Overflow , Contest , cf.Objective , Adobe , Announcements , ColdFusion 11 4 Comments »

This week, Scott is back fresh from Walt Disney World and ready to opine! Scott has a bunch of corrections from last week's show he wants to discuss with Dave.  The two also talk about the next version of Mircosoft's .Net being open sourced and what implications that may and should have for Adobe CF. They mention Adobe releasing a chart showing which versions of the Java JDK each version of CF supports, and talk about how CF Updater 3 has been updated.  And they close off with their favorite segment "Stupidity Overflow"!


Show #224: Windows ME for Me!

Apple , Stack Overflow , Security , cf.Objective , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 , News 3 Comments »

With Scott away, Dave invites Matt "The Awesome Producer (retired)" Gifford to fill in. They discuss cf.Objectives impending name change, and the CF 11Updater 3 early release.  They hound Microsoft on Windows vulerabilities and how their Surface marketing is backfiring.  They also discuss a Mac vulnerabilty and an anti-virus product to AVOID! Dave comes to some realizations about his blog and, of course, they round out the show with even more Stack Overflow gems.


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