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Show #155 - IE7 and a Battle Royale

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In this week's show, Dave and Scott have some 'issues' with IE7, spell checking and StackOverflow.. it's just another day in the world of CFHour. Some exciting news about RIACon is also released.


Show #150 - Births, Birthdays and Brackets

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Welcome to the 150th episode of CFHour! Can you say 'sesquicentennial'? Scott can... kind of.

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the latest news and first impressions on the release of Brackets, the new code editor from Adobe. They also chat about more issues with Stack Overflow and what to do when a code editor is just a code editor.


Show #107 - New stuff and the long road

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In this show we welcome out new co-host to the show, Scott Stroz. We also welcome our new sponsor Ayera Technologies.  We then talk about how we got involved with technology and ColdFusion.  We also talk more about dealing with spaghetti code and when enough is enough.  We also discuss the evolution of ColdFusion and how it has changed but stayed the same.  We then discuss some of the upcoming conferences.

A little bit about our sponsor. Ayera Technologies is, among other things, a ColdFusion hosting provider.  Click the link below for an exclusive discount for CFHour listeners. 


New Co-Host Scott Stroz

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As recently announced on Codebass Radio, Scott Stroz will be joining the CFHour team as our new Co-host.  Scott's years of experience and witty repartee will bring an exciting new angle to the show.  We are very excited to have Scott on board and are looking forward to the future of the show.

Also, announced will be the CFHour rebroadcast on CodeBass Radio on monday evenings.

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