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Show #109 - Recap, Fix This, and Ignorance

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In this show we talk about Scott's adventures at RIACon.  We also talk about the latest software releases of Air 3 beta and jQuery Mobile Beta 2.  We also talk in depth about a blog post from Nic Tunney about things that should be changed in the next version of ColdFusion.  We also talk about the ignorance of people that make the comment of "ColdFusion still exists?".


Show #105 - Tablets, Yes and No, Spaghetti

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In this show we welcome Scott Stroz as a guest host for this show. We first talk about the announcement of a new Product Manager for ColdFusion, Rakshith Naresh. We then talk about the contest announced by Adobe and Sony. We also discuss dealing with building apps for mobile.  Mostly for tablets and many versions of them.  We also talk about things that you can do with ColdFusion but you may not want to.  We also talk about how to handle inheriting a pile of spaghetti code and some ways to handle it.

We are going to have the new ColdFusion Product Manager,  Rakshith Naresh, on the show next week.  So, if there is anything you would like us to ask him please send in your questions.  We will do our best to get them answered.


Show #77 - Stuff, Stuff, and more Stuff

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In today's show are all over the map, again.  We give some more thoughts on Adobe MAX 2010.  We discuss, however briefly, AIR 2.5.  We discuss the potential end of line for Siverlight.  We talk about the AIR project that Dave was working on and what he blogged in reference to that project.  We then get in to the meat of the show and discuss a blog post on ColdFusion vs Railo.

In this show we are giving away a couple books courtesy of Packt Publishing. listen to the show closely and find out how to enter.


Show #67 - MAX2010, Developement, and Production Fail

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We start by talking about MAX and some of our experiences last year as well as the ColdFusion Unconference.  We discuss future technologies at our employ.  We talk about the HTML 5 and brower function detection.  At one point Dave pushes some buttons and pauses the recording.  We take a little trip down the road that is jQuery and Air.  We also discuss a twitter message about show #66 and frameworks.


Show #60 - The Bogus Journey

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In today's show the technology gods were trying to smite us.  We had more technical issues trying to record this than ever.  But, we managed to push through and get it done.  We start off by discussing a comment from last weeks show.  We then Talk about Dave's Mango Blog plugin and his current Mango blog based project.  We also talk about a new project we discovered that allows for amf in a pure javascript form.  We also talk about Dave's current issues with Flash Builder and some difficulties he is having with it.


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